Thursday, January 24, 2008


Punchout is a classic NES game, brought back on the Wii
Rating 5/5

One of the coolest games of all time. But now it's on a projector, Macho Man is at least 3 feet tall. And his pecks are just ridiculous.

This game is so hard, that I used to have nightmares about Soda Pop's laugh. Now that I've replayed it, I've beated Soda Pop several times without getting punched. And now I'm stuck on Macho Man. He's Super Spin Punch is totally awesome. I think he works harder on his tan than he does on me.

It's still the classic, it's still great. Play it today.

Fire Emblem, by the way, is hard. I played through on easy the first time, now I'm on normal. It's tough. It's actually gotten somewhat easier now that I've leveled my characters. But I think I might not be able to win on normal. We'll see.

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