Wednesday, November 19, 2008

STL LAN 2008

Post of some pictures from a terrific weekend. Thanks Andrew!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What determined your vote?

Here is what I try to do when voting... I try to prioritize the most important issues facing the country, and then I try to determine which candidate will most effectively solve those issues.

The single most important issue to me remains, as it has, since I began voting 9 years ago: abortion. The second is the defense of our nation. And the third is taxes.

With those three things in mind, I believe John McCain provided the best chance to solve those issues. I do think Barack Obama is an outstanding leader, but I want someone who will protect the unborn. Barack won't

The defense of America? Barack Obama is oppossed to war, and would, in my opinion, provide a world where a Hitler could prosper. And this is a world that is finally small enough for a one world goverment to take power.

What about taxes? This is a deep and divided question. Ultimately, lower taxes and smaller government is my hope. And you can argue the point either way here. McCain likes to say he's a small government man. But I want proof. Obama claims he'll cut taxes on the middle and lower class... While at the same time increasing government beauracracy at home. The national government shouldn't be trying to solve the problems of failed local governments and cities in policing themselves. That should be left to the cities and states.

Ultimately, the abortion issue for me is so great that I would be willing to fight and die to defend the lives of the unborn. And here's some biblical thought on that matter:

“…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.” Ezek 33:6

I find this ironic because I would also have been less willing (but still willing) to fight in the American Civil War, or the American Revolution. And just in case there's a question about it: for America and the North. Here's why:

During the revolution, it would have been freedom for individual rights. Freedom from oppression is a cause worth dying for. The North because ending slavery in my country would have been worth dying for; and protecting states rights would have taken a back seat to that goal. Amongst the Northerners who died in the Civil War, there are only 2 reasons they would cite: 1) To end slavery; 2) maintain the union. I would not have been willing to die to maintain the union. (It's a different topic, but should a Christian take another's life for the sake of these things is different than sacrificing one's life for something. I certainly do not advocate murder; lest we be like Cain.)

And this is ironic because I would see ending slavery as the great moral issue from the beginning of the revolution to the emancipation proclamation. And abortion as the great moral issue from Roe vs Wade to beyond tomorrow. Barack Obama is the first African American president and he would not be willing to take a stand for those who cannot stand for themselves, and who have no voice.

Here's a controversial question for everyone. If Barack Obama is not willing to protect the LIFE of those who cannot themselves protect it. Would he have been willing to lay down his life to protect something less consequential... the liberty of his fellow man?

At this point in time, it may seem that it doesn't matter. Perhaps Barack Obama will come to know a personal Lord and savior in Jesus Christ the Son of God. Will he humbly submit to God, and then take up his cross and follow righteousness and truth to whatever place that leads? I can only hope, but so did Daniel when
Nebuchadnezzar was king. And I believe some day I shall meet Nebuchadnezzar in Heaven. Perhaps it won't be a Hebrew slave that Barack Obama gets to see God through, but perhaps a slave to righteousness. (note: you may believe that Barack Obama has already placed his faith in Jesus Christ. I highly doubt this, but I do not know Barack Obama personally.)

For the record I have no doubt that Barack Obama is passionate about his views, he is capable of leading, and he is intelligent. I just doubt his wisdom. How I wish Alan Keyes would have defeated him in Illinois. Perhaps today could have been about President-Elect Alan Keyes. He was both intelligent and wise, it's an easy trade to give up charisma for wisdom.