Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Disproving Creation

One of the largest reasons why atheists and evolutionists deny the scientifically valid proposition of creation is that it cannot be disproved. If one accepts a literal translation of Genesis, then you can disprove Creation. If you can prove that any organism is greater than 6,000 (roughly) years old; then a literal interpretation of Genesis can be proven false. You are probably saying that I'm asking for something ridiculous. Nope. We can date trees back. In fact, the oldest living organism (according to Google) known to man is 5,100 years old.

This is at least as good as evolution; which can be disproven if you happen to find a rabbit buried with a dinosaur. Which is perhaps impossible, irregardless. While they existed at the same time, they may just never have been buried together. Besides, we already know that Evolutionists would merely shift their theory to allow rabbits in their delusional world before time. Evolution once denied mammals and dinosaurs at the same time, now dinosaurs exist with "basic" mammals. Convergent evolution is another example of the shifting theory of Evolution, and no mountain of evidence could disprove it.

Let's imagine they dig up a dinosaur with human bones in it's stomach. Evolutionists would no doubt insist it was buried later. Or they might claim that humans evolved in their "land before time". Perhaps even a race of man just like our own, but yet, unrelated to us.

Time Began

I spent several hours after reading about time paradoxes ( studying the fourth dimension; and more specifically, how it relates to the Cosmological Argument. Since time is an element of the universe, we know that God must be eternal. If God is eternal he then must be infinite. Summed up, here we go:
1) All events require a cause
2) The universe began
3) The universe required a cause
4) Time is a dimension of the universe
5) The cause of the universe must be eternal
6) Causing the universe requires a decision
7) Decisions require intelligence and will
8) An intelligent, eternal being created the universe

Conclusion: We all rationally know God exists.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some Flash

Just click in the black box and orbs will appear. Click again to make them disappear. They are all generated via code.


  • 50 orbs are created.
  • The orb's size is random.
  • If an orb stops in the middle, it'll explode.
  • Depths are determined based on the size of the orb.
  • The orbs chose a random location to go to once they've reached their current destination.
  • Lots of what I did was taken from; I modified a tutorial to work in ActionScript 3.0
  • ActionScript is getting better. Flash is better in CS3. Flash version 10 (in beta) looks fantastic.