Monday, January 28, 2008

Macho Man Defeated

I have finally beaten Macho Man from Punchout. I had to pull a Kaleb Captain trick and kick him where it would hurt the most while the referee, Mario, wasn't watching.

I have fought (and lost) to him so many times that I was trying to knock him down as quickly as possible in the first round. My best time was 1:15, and I think that's pretty good. I'm usually around 1:20

Tonight I play basketball at the recplex. The team is 2-1, and I had a season high 8 points last week with 2 three pointers. I also had 4 fouls and was benched with about 3 minutes to play so I wouldn't foul out. Only one of the fouls was legit.

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Riley said...

He's not so difficult to beat using the dodge/punch strategy. That's pretty much how I beat all of the guys beginning with the first Bald Bull. And you should be able to beat them all in the first round up through the second Bald Bull fight.