Monday, January 14, 2008

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Review

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, is a tactical war role playing game.
Rating 4/5

While it certainly creates some very interesting characters, it also seems to leave certain characters undeveloped in both their use and story line. Of course, with a hundred characters, it would be hard not to. The actual combat is great fun, although keeping your characters alive will require lots of patience. More than half of your characters will be dead in one shot if the enemy touches them. Sometimes if you attacked and missed, the enemy would counter and destroy your full health character. In the end, you rely on your super characters to take out their super characters. If it wasn't for the relative wimpiness of some of your characters the game would be fairly easy, but it's still fun.

The storyline is good, but not great. I really dislike the way it moves you between different armies all the time. It makes it less about developing your army, and more about just winning the battles. The cut scenes are fantastic.

The bottom line, it's good, but it's not OgreBattle 64. If you are a person who loves tactical strategy games, pick this one up, it's good enough, just not great.

HINT: Keep health potions (vulneraries) on all your units, or at least most of them... You can trade items on a turn and then use them on the same turn.

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Mack said...

Don't forget the ultra-cheesy end stories for each of the characters.

Rose said...

I've been intending to pick this one up, but haven't yet. Good to hear that its at least decent.

ZackMan said...

How were you levelling your characters? Fire Emblem always gives you a "Jergen"* character at the beginning to kill bosses while your others are still weak but you should never use it except for the first couple of battles because it sucks up XP the others need. Doling out XP is half of the challenge of Fire Emblem. Before FE8, you had to choose a core of characters to level because there just wasn't enough to go around. I don't know if that's true in FE10.
(Disclaimer: I haven't played FE10, just 7,8 and 9)

You didn't mention the in-game graphics. Are the battle animations still boring? I thought FE9's graphics were a real down-turn from the GBA cartoony era.

*Jergen was the character's name in FE1.

McNeo said...

Charater leveling was a huge challenge. Ultimately I focused on a couple of characters that I liked and where successful, while trying not to indulge in overuse of the power characters. In the end, I had several characters who just couldn't cut in, and several that I just let die. (If they died, oh well, not worth starting the battle over)