Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feed Reader!

I'm just curious as to what people are using to stay updated with all of their friends blogs, and all that RSS data?

I use Google Reader. And I think it's pretty slick. What's your Feed Reader?

I do wish I could publish a list of what I'm keeping track of. Here's some things I track:
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Slashdot
  • Google Webmaster's Blog
  • My Friend's Blogs
  • Slick Deals
  • KHouse
  • Joel Rosenburg
  • The Royals Authority
  • Andy Braner's The Journey
  • CNET
  • Wired
I don't actually read that much of most of these. I just glance at the headlines.


ZackMan said...

Thanks for reminding me of Slick Deals. I need that about once every two years and can never remember the name.

Anyway, I use Mail.app to read RSS. No surprise there.

I follow:

Coding Horror
Daring Fireball
Jeremy McNeal
Joel on Software
Lambda the Ultimate
M-x all-things-emacs
Matt's Web-O-Rama
Nathan Sanders : Journal
Pawn - Myspace
PHD Comics
Pix's Origin Adventures
Stevey's Blog Rants
The Brainy Gamer
The Life of Riley
The LINGUIST List - Jobs
thomack dot com
Tristan S. Pinkham

But some of these don't update much, like most of my friends. And others I just skim the headlines, like MacRumors and Daring Fireball.

Mack said...

Yes, I have drunk the google Kool-Aid as well. Let's see some of my feeds include ... I'm seeing a pattern in the stuff I peruse.

0x000000 Security
Albert Mohler's Blog
Dark Reading: Dark Reading News Analysis
Emerging Threats
ha.ckers.org web application security lab
InfoSec News at insecure.org
Irongeek's Security Site
Jeremiah Grossman
Jeremy McNeal
Jon Hart's Blog
Kaeserland News
Lone Prairie Studies
Mark Shuttleworth
Matt's Web-O-Rama
Nathan Sanders : Journal
Packet Storm Security Advisories
Packet Storm Security Exploits
Packet Storm Security Headlines
Packet Storm Security Tools
SANS Technology Institute - Security Laboratory
SecurityFocus News
TS Pinkham
tssci security
World On the Web » WorldMagBlog

P.S. This is a cool vi command :1,$s/".*$//

Jeremy McNeal said...

Looking at your lists, I should probably add Mark Shuttleworth and Joel on Software to my list.

ZackMan said...

Joel on Software is not as good as he was in the past. Still a very smart guy, though, and if you have to run business stuff I'm sure he is even more relevant.