Friday, September 26, 2008


Does anyone use Subversion for their Version Control? I've been having some issues with it, such as the recursive feature not working. That makes it sucky when I edit my site for a day and then have to go pick through the files to see what I've updated and then commit them.

And then getting lastest files is the same problem. I have to hunt through what's changed.

I use RapidSVN 0.9.6 for my GUI to Subversion. I'm not much on doing things on the command line. I'm really happy with it other than that.


ZackMan said...

Just curious, have you tried the command line at all? (eg svn stat to see which files have changed)

I haven't noticed your problem yet because most of my repos are fairly flat. I'll keep an eye out, though, because I think I may have experienced the same problem before and just not noticed it.

ZackMan said...

OK, I encountered a similar situation to yours: I have changes in pres.tex and, in the ice subdirectory, From the command line, I do

$ svn stat -q
M ice/
M pres.tex

Then I do

$ svn ci -m "Nearly finished presentation and tweaked iceread's public API"
Sending ice/
Sending pres.tex
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 23.

Note that it catches both changes.

So the command line client seems to work the way you expect. It must be an interface issue with RapidSVN.

In conclusion, I would just recommend learning the CLI.

Jeremy McNeal said...

The CLI might be wonderful, but the only way I'd learn it, is to create my own GUI.

It does appear to be a problem with RapidSVN, the Tree Control on the left doesn't update the location if you just right click the node. You need to left click the node, and then right click to run commands on that directory.