Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tim Oliphant: American Gladiator

Tim Oliphant is competing in the upcoming July 7th episode of American Gladiator. Tim works in the Marketing Department with me at Kanakuk Kamps, and is our media director. He's very talented, and the many videos you find of Kanakuk Kamps on is a product of his handy work. In the future look of, even more of Tim's work will be on display.

But this upcoming week we are all excited to be watching Tim Oliphant prove that he's the man and that he can take anything Wolf, Titan, Justice, or any of the gladiators can dish out.

Here's the episode Preview:

Tim is a great guy, very friendly and outspoken. I'm pretty sure he'll do well, because he's a very athletic guy, and in great shape.

Monday night 7:00 PM, you should be watching this show!

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