Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I watched about 4 Popeye cartoons last night before I went to bed. Nothing like a little Spinach to get you going. Just like Popeye, I've decided to start buying my own Spinach. But it's called creatine instead. In the last 6 months I've increased my bench from around 140 to 185 lbs. For two weeks I took creatine twice a day and during that stretch my bench increased from 160 to 185. Which is where it has stayed since I dropped the frequency and amount of the creatine. If you've ever used creatine you know that it causes some nausea, which is less than pleasant. The new creatine formula I purchased is suppossed to be easy on the stomach. I tried it last night, and although it tasted like chalk, it hasn't been hard on me. I'm pretty excited about it, it had very detailed directions on how to take it. Plus it had a great Web site. I'll keep everyone posted on how well it works.

I've increased my weight from 143 to 147 over the six months, but I had reached 151 for several weeks during the high intensity creatine days, I slowly dropped down to 147 since stopping the creatine. My bench recessed a little, but not much. I'm a believer in creatine now, anyways.

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