Friday, December 21, 2012

Github, Python, and Baseball

Github Account! With stuff!

I have recently updated my Github account with something other than the non-trivial (although needing some clean-up) slideshow django-cms plugin. Maybe it's kinda trivial too, but it was fun :)

A long time ago I mentioned that I wrote a baseball simulator that helped me correctly gauge the abilities of hitters in baseball using their Plate Discipline metrics. It worked, although the power numbers were wrong. I have cleaned it up a ton, mostly to match PEP 8 coding standards. I still have plenty of things I could do to improve the accuracy of the code; primarily by removing BABIP (batting average for balls in play) from the equation and using Line Drive, Ground Ball, and Fly Ball rates instead. That will at least divorce my code from those statistics that take longer to stabilize (BABIP mostly *doesn't* stabilize -- unless you are Ichiro Suzuki).

+Nathan Sanders You asked for this like 3 years ago :) I finally delivered.

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