Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Puerto Rico: Day 1

Today was spent at the Beach, swimming and snorkeling. We also visited a secluded and stunning waterfall that Morgan's uncle Kelly knew. I'll post some pictures later. The Beach we visited was Crash Boat Beach. Take a look: We had BBQ chicken on a stick called Pinchos for Lunch. And dinner was home-made Morgan Wyatt Spaghetti.

Everyone here speaks Spanish, and some speak English. I was a bit surprised, it's pretty bi-lingual, but not as much as expected. We didn't have any problems.

We are staying at a little 3 bedroom house, probably around 1000 square feet at most. The bedrooms are air conditioned, but the rest isn't. Free WIFI though. It's roughly 80 degrees here, I think. I'm pretty happy with that :)

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Mack said...

That's coo! Where's your pics?