Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Royals

The Royals have had a better year than last year. Better than I even expected. I thought they'd be really bad, and they've actually only been bad. Plus, I can actually believe that next year will be better, whereas, last year I thought maybe in two years they could improve. Which, ironically, may turn out true. The 11 million the Royals are paying Mike Sweeney will be gone, and they actually have good pitching in both the rotation and the bullpen. Hitting is a different subject though. They'll probably have to get a big power bat in the winter, so they won't get one. Anyways next year I project this lineup:

* Joey Gathright LF
* Mark Grudz 2B
* Alex Rodriguez SS
* Jorge Posada C
* Billy Butler DH
* Mark Teahen RF
* Alex Gordon 3B
* Unnamed Rookie 1B (there are plenty of candidates)
* David Dejesus CF

Here's to wishful thinking! And Frank White will be the Royals new manager.

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Jeremy McNeal said...

Hilarious, and for the sake of posterity, this is great to keep around! I wasn't being serious, but still, I was very very wrong. Where's A-Rod.