Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Holy Cow Another Post

It's Wednesday night, 6:00 PM and Eric (Network Admin) is taking the servers down. I'm headed to church in about 10 minutes, so what better to do than post a blog.

Today, I'm going to lay down why I think Net Neutrality is a good thing. Here's why: forcing large companies who can afford to pay the big bucks to allow customers speedier access will create a hurdle for under-funded start-ups. It's easy to imagine a world in which the large corporations pay a premium to have their content provided faster than poor start-ups. Microsoft would have undoubtedly been a much bigger player in an enviroment providing such an advantage to high paying content providers.

Let's say some computer nerds come up with a great idea for a site that would topple eBay overnight. They go about coding it, and manage to pull it off brilliantly. Then, however, they cannot get any customers to stick with them because downloading their homepage along takes twice as long as ebay's. The end result: the new company dies and innovation is stifled.

It's being able to have that small barrier to entry for new companies that has allowed the technology/internet industry to grow so quickly, and be so innovative. It's brought the American inventitve genius out of the swamp and provided a huge economic boom to the our country and the world. Perhaps every industry is guaranteed to stagnant once the "big players" have emerged, but I think we should fight that so called "maturity" and provide as much incentive to the American innovater as possible in every industry possible.

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